Radioisotope Research Center
in Nagoya Univ.

Furo-cho Chikusa-ku Nagoya, Aichi 464-8602, Japan
Administration Office 052(789)2563
Radiation Safety Office 052(789)2565
(Fax) 052(789)2567

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Purpose of the Center

The Radioisotope Research Center promotes research and education using radiation such as radioisotopes and X-rays. The Center manages radioactive materials and X-ray equipments, provides training in safe handling, and conducts basic research on the application and safe handling of radiation.


1. Radiation safety control

Control of radioactive materials, radiation worker and environment of facility according to laws and ordinances. Maintenance of the facility for safe handling of radiation.


2. Education and Training

Planning and implementation of the required lecture and training on safe handling under the laws and ordinances concerning RI and X-ray.


3. Support for common use of facility

Provision of experimental laboratory space and instruments in the controlled area for research using radioactive materials. Preparation of various radiation detectors and instruments for researchers including undergraduate students.


4. Research

Research concerning utilization, measurements and waste treatments of radioactive materials incorporate with other researcher in university, or other institutes.